04Orbit Listen and Speak Study Pack

You are expected to listen to one lesson at least once a day for about a week. You need not have to pay full attention to the lessons or allocate a specific time to do so, you are free to listen while engaging in other activity while driving, studying, cooking etc. Those sentences that are spoken in CDs will be spontaneously inculcated to your brain. As you go on you will gradually tend to speak same or similar sentences.

What is the psychological method used?

The concept “something can be inculcated to mind by repetition” has been used in designing the package. When you hear same amount of words and sentence patterns in different situations over and over again you would spontaneously grab them. And, the incidents spoken in CDs have been created to induce a mental image or picture. When listened to a recording it makes an emotional image in your mind to ensure it strongly deposits in your memory and never to forget it.

Who are the contributors?

Mr.Basnayake a university lecturer in English ,Mr.Priyantha Hettiarachchi a teacher in spoken English , Dr. Rasika Bandara a psychologist and many other teachers have contributed their knowledge and experience in inventing this pack.

What is the content of “Listen & Speak Package”?

Listen & Speak Package comes in 06 audio CDs and 5 books. The books carry the text which is spoken in CDs, run approximately 10 hours.

  • Grammar – 02 CD’s
  • Simple Conversations (in from of paragraphs) – 01 CD
  • Conversations – 01 CD
  • Semi complex conversations – 01 CD
  • Complex conversations – 01 CD

Please“Play” the following sample media file to see the quality and the clarity of the audio. This is an extract from our media files that is in the “Listen and Learn English” Package.

Please click on our sample audios below:



Lesson 01 & 02


Lesson 03


Lesson 04


Lesson 05


Lesson 06

- Grammar (Part I and Part II)