What is “listen & Speak English Package”?

We all speak at least one language. How did you begin to speak your mother tongue? Did you go to school or attend classes to speak your mother tongue? Your answer is “no”. You just listened to others who spoke that particular language and imitated them. Why can’t we apply the same principle to speak another language? Think of this example, Imagine someone who went abroad for employment, perhaps a woman to a Middle East country. This woman only spoke her mother language and was not clever at studies when she was a student .But during her stay in that country, may be 2 years; she began to speak ‘Arabic’ fluently. Now it is obvious to you that anyone who is not deaf could speak any language, irrespective of age or knowledge.

Deafness is the obstacle that prevents you from speaking any language,

You need not to have any other qualification to speak a language. But in our country you don’t have an environment where people speak English language. In order to fulfil that requirement “Listen & Speak English Package” which is psychologically improved was introduced.

How does it help you get your English speaking skill improved?

Well, if you learn English language it becomes a subject. In that context certain students would be clever at certain subjects while one excels in mathematic other excels in art etc.

English should not be considered as a subject, but a language. We never learn a language but only practice it.

If you keep on practicing some skill like swimming, driving, you will be able to be an expert of it sooner or later; the time depends on the commitment you extend to practice that particular skill. Now “Listen & Speak Package” contains day-to-day English conversations in form of paragraphs. They cover all the parameters that you are required to speak in English in your society. Beautifully designed incidents have been shortened to small paragraphs and then voiced alternatively in Sinhala and English by female and male announcers who are working at radio stations under the guidance of English teachers.